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Buy Evryal Hydrate (1x2ml) Online.
EVRYÀL Hydro is a Class III medical device based on hyaluronic acid sodium salt, is presented in a sterile solution. Hyaluronic acid content in EVRYÀL Hydro has a molecular weight similar to hyaluronic acid endogenous. EVRYÀL Hydro exposes a natural moisturising function and allows to greatly improve trophism and skin texture, with a substantial increase in turgor and elasticity. 

Thanks to its composition it allows all types of patients to be treated. Depending on the medical evaluation of the patient you can use different injective techniques: LINEAR, MICROPONIS, PATTERN, FAN AND MIXES. 
The addition of hyaluronic acid Provides deep moisturising to the dermis giving turgor and tone.
EVRYÀL Hydro is indicated for biorevitalization and bioremediation of the following areas: face, eye contour, nasogeniene, neck, décolleté and back hands.

Evryal Hydrate (1x2ml)

  • Order Evryal Hydrate (1x2ml) Online
    The use of the natural product, hyaluronic acid, contained in EVRYÀL Hydrate can restore youthfulness to the skin. EVRYÀL Hydrate can be used on large areas of the body for personalised anti-aging treatment aimed at prevention, restructuring and maintenance.

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