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Dermafill Volume Ultra (1x1ml)
Dermafill products retain their properties to regain their original position after injection. Dermafill products have excellent elasticity. 

Whats in the box?
1ml prefilled sterile syringe.
Cross linked BDDE++++

What are the benefits of Dermafill Lips?
Correct deep wrinkles
Restore facial volume
Reshape face to gain original contour
Inject into deep dermis for long lasting visible effect

Dermafill Volume Ultra (1x1ml)

  • Dermafill Volume Ultra (1x1ml) has been widely known for its incredible elasticity. This solution is inected into deep dermis for ensuring long lasting visible effects. Use of this product helps in correcting deep wrinkles and restoring facial volume. Helps in reshaping face to gain original contour.

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