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2 disposable “full-use” 1.4 ml double Luer Lock syringe systems and 2 needles per syringe.

Agarose Subdermal Filler HD contains 1.5% Agarose (Low density), 98.5% sterile saline and can be used for the following indications:

Lip augmentation and contouring
Marionette lines
Oral commissure
Oro-mandibular folds
Use linear and retrograde techniques for application with an injection depth up to the immediate subcutaneous layers.

Follow up treatments should be carried out after 7-10 days. Results will last for between 4-8 months or more, depending on the individual's lifestyle.

Algeness Agarose Subdermal Filler HD (1x1.4ml)

  • Algeness Agarose Subdermal Filler HD (1x1.4ml) helps to Improve wrinkles and facial lines.

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